«ONline Course» 

The activity of all the victorious ones of the ten directions
Will gather into a single form,
A buddha son, who will attain marvelous accomplishment,
A master who will embody buddha activity,
Will appear to the northwest of Uddiyana.

Immaculate Goddess Sutra


Practical Info

On-line – Zoom
Saturday June 5th  2021
From 11 to 13:30  Spanish time


In this course, Gueshe Tenzin Zopa will tell us about  Guru Padmasambhava, about his figure and about his mystical-magical aspect.

Guru Rinpoché together with Master Bodhisatva Santaraksita, were the foreaners of Budhism in Tibet.

«All of as who follows any lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, are in someway disciples of  Padmasambhava.»

S.S. Gongma Trichen Rimpoché (41 Sakya Trizin)


For a few years now, our most dear  Lama Zopa Rinpoché has started the Padmasambhava project for Peace.

It is a project for building large Guru Rinpoché estatues all over the world in order to create the causes for peace of all beings. In addition to statues, this project  sponsors a festival of 100.000 tsog offerings to Guru Rinpoché  called  Guru Bumtsog in Nepal, and has been held in Singapour,  Australia and, now Lama Zopa has commissioned us the first festival in Europe.

Gueshe Tenzin Zopa is responsable for this project and we feel very fortunate to be able to work in both the Large Statue of Guru Rinpoché and the Guru Bumtsong Festival.  With this course we want to present both projects to all of you.


Gueshe Tenzin Zopa

Born in 1972 in Tsun Valley,  Nepal, at the age of 3,  Gueshe Lama Konchok became his tutor and spiritual guide, giving him numerous teachings and commentaries of  Sutra and Tantra. Gueshe Tenzin Zopa became his closest disciple, assistant and translator until his passing in 2003…